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Sri L.Jayaramulu
Honorary Secretary General
Sri L.Jayaramulu
Founder Director of : Centre for Green Economy
Mobile: +91 93114 55599
Founder Director of : Centre for Green Economy.
Ambassador Green Economy and Chief expert ICSTI Moscow diplomatic status South Asia ICSTI work station, Central Europe, Kenya East Africa UNEP activities and New York UN body activities Associate partner with State, Central university of India and Foreign Universities Partner with State, Central and International body community along with multilateral agencies Monitors corridor's at India and other countries

Climate Leader with climate reality USA.
United Nations Global Compact Signatory.
Group GGKP Member (a unit of world bank, UNEP and OECD).
Group CFCC Paris 2015 Member.
Active Authorised Partner for United Nations Study Centre (IFUNA)

Name Sri L.Jayaramulu

Climate Leader with climate reality USA.I come from rural background and always thought of uplifting the rural folks in their walks of life. I belong to a farmer's family. My Grandfather followed Gandhian principles and acquired freedom fighter rank and file I literally faced many challenges in my life and coped with the situations created with then. Many a times, I thought of involving myself fully, in carrying out social activities, solving the rural socio-economic problems. Further, I wish to educate them what to do and what not to do during the crisis time.

My social activities, I took to all levels from villages to districts levels, to State levels to Centre by representing and attending meetings conducted by various organizations including UN agencies on different forums. This experience gave me sufficient knowledge and exposure to understand the criticality of issues arises. From the inception working as a thought leader by promoting, Educating, Executing and bringing research out comes in transition of Green Economy for the Sustainable development, in the Colleges, Universities, Schools and to the civil community in cities sub ciites and nations sub nations.
Realising the goals for 2030 agenda for sustainable development and motivate and mobilise civil society in general and the youth in particular.
The thoughts of the Secretary General............
It is a social thought to transform society,
and to turn this social thought into global thought,
which is to focus on climate thought,
and to bring in all round holistic developmental,
and work  in the right in direction
under the banner of the United nations.
to enlighten the common masses in the States of India about important days associated with the UNO, in concurrence with the Secretary General IFUNA.
Secretary General proposes to Associate to work on the commonalities with the permission of IFUNA, and invites the firms, individuals, academicians, researchers, NGOs, National and International organisations, and govt institutions for sharing of knowledge and technical support for holistic human development. We are taking the support from the folloiwng who are working on the commonalities in the interest of the globe

Centre for Green Economy extends support with its team.
Centre for green aviation  acts as a technical Associate.
Centre for Health Sciences provides technical support.
Centre for Green Schools mobilises young volunteers at the grass roots.

Technical Associate
Technical Associate
Deva Kaushik
Founder director of :
Center for Green

My interest in aviation started from 2010 when I was studying my class 12th, it was then when I knew nothing about United Nations activities regarding sustainable development. I came to know about this when I attended “Climate Leader project” by Al Gore (ex-vice president of America) while pursuing by bachelor program at Osmania university in Mechanical. It was just the beginning I realized that climate change activities and sustainable development are not well known to the people of my country as it is not a part of specified curriculum in normal education. Students studied about environmental sciences just to have brief knowledge about it rather than really implementing things which help in saving the natural resources for future and sustainability.
Next I thought I could bring out my ideas in aviation which makes use of “Green Aviation” concepts for use of aviation in sustainable manner. Then I attended CFCC Paris 2015 (Our Common Future under Climate Change) conference held at Paris on July 2015 as a delegate on behalf of Green Aviation. It was my pleasure to meet so many delegates working on action about climate change and I learnt a lot from them and planned my future activities that I need to start in my country. I have also addressed students who belong to extreme rural areas and encouraged them to connect to these activities in their own passionate manner.
I found that knowledge about sustainable development among the youth is very necessary for future. So my primary goal was based on how to promote the sustainable development goals and millennium development goals to every corner of the society so that every youth would like to come forward to take part and bring the change that is very much required. Since then I started an OPC (One person company) to full fill my passion in aviation named “Centre for Green Aviation” CGA which is a non-profit oriented and has two primary important goals.
» To promote and advocate about SDG and MDGs.
» To conduct research in Green Aviation.
Currently, after completion of my Bachelor programme I immediately got into APUNA (Andhra Pradesh United Nations Associations) which is a state-UNA affiliated to IFUNA (Indian Federation of United Nations Associations) connected to WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations) as a Network activist Administrator to implement the primary goals of APUNA and CGA.
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